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The all-new BMW 3-serie

In the past, the 3-series used to be the smallest and the most affordable BMW, an entry-level model, and it was this way until the debut of the smallest 1-series. Now the 3-series is becoming bigger, richer and more powerful: a couple of steps closer to the more expensive 5-series. While its still a compact, D-class sedan 4.62 meters long (+10 cm compared to the previous generation), its equipment, dynamics and (probably) comfort have made several steps ahead. The biggest improvements of the new 3-series are:

First of all, it’s become faster, better-handled and at the same time fuel-efficient. All BMW 3-series models are now equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission. Both gasoline engines, the 335i`s turbo-V6 (306 hp) and 328i`s turbo-four (240 hp) are going to accelerate the sedan to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds, while consuming less than 8 liters for every 100 kilometers.

The big mighty diesels will be available later in 2012, while the first-to-be-offered beginner’s 320d version will provide 163 hp with as low as 4.1 liter/100 km consumption.

Secondly, the new 3-series has numerous, numerous electronic features which owners will use not just occasionally, but probably on daily basis. The 3-series can now be equipped with automatic parking feature, automatically detecting suitable gaps near the road and taking, by command, full control of steering to park the vehicle.

What is more, when you come to the car`s back with hands holding a package, you can now open the 3-series`s trunk with a…kick! Or, to say more accurately, with a wave of a foot under the rear bumper. Sensors will detect the move and open the trunk (the cars key must be with the driver at the moment). A similar system was originally presented and the latest VW Passat this year.

Thirdly, the new 3-series provides vastly improved interior with tremendous individualization features.

The 3-series has always been generous on interior trimming options (and even more generous when it comes to BMW Individual program). Now there are 3 “lines” of interior style, named with self-speaking names “Modern”, “Sport” and “Luxury”

What is more, one can now choose even the color of the key fob, and it also has different style for each car`s trim line!

The cars will be available in the beginning of next spring, with approximately the same base prices as previous 3-series: starting from about €44000 for dynamic 335i, or from €35000 for fuel-efficient 320d. Better to reserve some money to get those extraordinary optional features, of course: the new 3-series is definitely going to be one the best cars of its segment.