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Hyundai building a record-breaking prototype for the Pikes Peak race

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race represents 20-km race on mountain roads (partly without asphalt), and is one of traditional annual races in the USA. The current record stands at 10 minutes 1.408 seconds, and Hyundai with the Rhys Millen Racing team are now cooperating to build potentially record-breaking prototype. The car will debut this year`s Pikes Peak race...

The Pikes Peak hill-climb is a very unorthodox race which combines 156 turns, different types of pavement and goes way up to an altitude of 9 km where the air is contains almost 40% less oxygen at sea level. What is more, the teams which take part in the race represent mostly private enthusiasts, who build the cars specifically for this single event which takes places every summer. The race gives place to several classes, including classis cars, production cars, trucks (!) and the most powerful "Unlimited" category which allows almost any technical solutions. This is the class where the best records are set (currently at 10:01.408), and which the RMR Hyundai Genesis PM580 is about to beat.

Thanks to very liberal rules of the Unlimited class, Hyundai and RMR are making their bet on a number of high-tech solutions, which, as announced in the press release, "address a fundamental reasons on perhaps why the 10-minute record has not fallen". The primary features of the prototype will include:

1) light carbon fiber body which allowed to keep the car weight under 850 kg

2) an all-wheel-drive system with active central differential, which is capable to dynamically change torque distribution, sending anywhere from 10 to 100 percent to the front wheels. This should help to adopt dynamically the vehicle`s settings to varying road surfaces which include asphalt and dirt sections.

3) active rear wing which increases angle at- and before turns, and reduces its angle and the resulting drag on straight sections.

4) Hyundai V6 engine stroked to 4.1 liters and turbocharged to 750 hp

All these features should help Hyundai and the RMR team to beat the "unbreakable" 10-minute record (besides winning the race itself) . How will it go? We`ll see this June.