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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante

Though all Lamborghinis are exceptionally fast (except, probably, the Lamborghini tractors), people who often use their supercars on racing circuits sometimes need more. The Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante is the fastest open-top Gallardo. The tweaks, mostly borrowed from the top-of-the-line Gallardo Superleggera, include:

1) 570-hp engine (+10 hp compared to the standard 5.2 liter V10). All engine parts remain standard, and the whole improvement is provided by readjusted engine software.

The gearbox is the standard 6-speed single-clutch automatic, or a 6-speed manual that comes as a free option

2) the car is 65 kg lighter, mostly by way of replacing plastic and some metal parts with carbon ones. The underbody aerodynamics panels, the rear diffuser, the engine cover (which at Gallardo is in the rear) and a number of the interior parts. Also 13 kg were saved by special wheels with racing rubber.

3) Stiffer suspension intended for racing circuits. The exact changes of the suspension haven't been revealed yet, but the Superleggera coupe, from which the Spyder Perfomante borrows most of the tweaks, had thicker anti-roll bars, almost twice as stiffer bushings and other differences from the stock Gallardo.

4) Slightly changed looks: more aggressive front end, unpainted carbon parts here and there, and contrast stripes. Interior leather was replaced with alcantara.

As a result of all; the upgrades, the acceleration time to 200 km/h has decreased by over a second, to 12.0 seconds against 13.1 at standard Gallardo Spyder. Other speed improvements are less substantial, with time to 100 km/h decreased by only 0.1 second to 3.9 sec, and the top speed at to 324 km/h. But at a race circuit, overall advantage over standard Gallardo Spyder might be more impressive.

It should be also noticed that the standard open-roof Gallardo is about 130 kg heavier that the coupe (because of multiple strengthened parts in the body to keep high structural rigidity). And compared to the Superleggera coupe, the Spyder Perfomante is even more heavier.

So why could one need a track-oriented Spyder? The main reason is that it provides totally different emotions from racing, as well as from the engine sound revving at 8000 RPM.

The price for the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Perfomante wasn`t announced yet, but judging by the price difference of other versions, it might cost about €220 000