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Murcielago China Limited Edition: extra-exclusive Lamborghini

At Beijing Auto Show in China, where market car keep growing even during world "crisis", Lamborghini, Bentley and other premium brands unveiled a number of special series of their vehicles.

Someone might think that a Lamborghini is already exclusive enough (considering there are only about 400 Murcielagos sold worldwide annually, for at least $280.000 each). But with Chinese sales growing and having reached 80 Lambos last year alone, the company has decided to make another effort to provide something very special for the buyers in the region. The Chinese special Murcielago is based on the most powerful "SV" LP670-4 version (SV for "Super Veloce", "Super Velocity" from Italian).

The SV is pretty exclusive by itself, with only 350 units planned for worldwide production, each for at least $400.000. The SV is 100 kg lighter than "ordinary" Murcielago, and a little more powerful, which provides 0-100 km/h acceleration in only 3.2 seconds (against 3.4 sec in standard LP 640 Murcielago), and 342 km/h top speed. But what's the exclusivity of the Murcielago China Limited Edition? Just two things, which should make the buyers a little more happy:

1) exclusive gray matte paint with orange stripe, which symbolizes an "erupting volcano". 2) a numbered plaque with the badge of the owner engraved on it.

...And there will be just 10 vehicles built.