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S63 AMG Coupe:
the most powerful and expensive 2-door Mercedes

Though the new S-class coupe has been revealed just a month ago, an even more powerful and exclusive version is already behind the door. Now the largest (5.03 meters long) Mercedes coupe is not only faster than its main rival, the Bentley Continental GT, but its even faster than some of Ferraris!

Meanwhile, from technical standpoint, the S63 AMG Coupe is not at all a "slightly tuned S500", but rather a totally new vehicle. The main facts are as follows...

1. Almost 600 hp. Four-wheel-drive and 300 km/h

Thanks to the AMG 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine providing 585 hp and 900 N*m, the Mercedes coupe can easily beat most of the supercars:

- acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds (4WD version) / 4.3 seconds for the rear-wheel drive version

- 250 or almost 300 km/h top speed (depending on electronic limiter)

- Four- or rear wheel drive (the former being the fastest)

The transmission is a 7-speed AMG automatic with a pack of clutch elements instead of a traditional torque converter. The stock S500 Coupe has a 9-speed transmission, but the AMG gearbox provides faster shifts and is intended for higher torque and harder conditions.

Besides the all-new powertrain, the S63 AMG Coupe has even more changes compared to the standard version...

2. Sportier handling, with incredible motorcycle-style "Curve tilting" system remaining

As always, the AMG version features a little stiffer suspension settings, anti-roll bars, adjusted wheel angles and other minor upgrades for more precise steering.

But the more interesting feature is the Curve-tilting system, which is a special mode of the latest Mercedes' active suspension technology named ABC, Active Body Control), which had made its world début on the S500 Coupe a couple months ago.

The purpose of the system is to make the car lean into bends like a motorcyclist or skier. The maximum tilt angle is just 2.5 degrees, but its enough to provide less lateral acceleration acting upon occupants, like when driving in a steep curve, and passengers sit more firmly. The more curvy the road is, the more comfortable the occupants will feel, compared to other cars.

Also there are other, more traditional suspension modes which can be selected at the console with one push of a button.

The suspension itself, just like at the S-class sedan, has two variants:

- 4WD versions are equipped with more traditional air suspension

- and the rear-wheel drive versions can be equipped with the Magic Body Control suspension, which scans the road bumps in front of the vehicle and adjust the each wheel's shocks for each detected bump, providing much improved ride comfort

3. Lighter body and AMG-first ceramic brakes

The changes of the AMG coupe include not only new powertrain and revised suspension, but partially new body as well. Part of the body skin and the front end are made of aluminium, and the new AMG brakes system has been weight-optimized.

Combined with lighter Li-ion battery and forged wheels, the S63 AMG Coupe's weight is 65 kg lighter than the previous CL63 model, in spite of more power and richer equipment (though the 1 995 kg total mass don't make the S-coupe a flyweight either).

Also for the first time AMG offers ceramic brakes, which provide much more stability braking from high speeds and less weight.

4. Modified interior with even more exclusivity

The basic changes of the AMG Coupe include:

- Sportier seats with improved lateral support and Nappa leather

3--spoke steering wheel with aluminium shift paddles

- AMG badges all around

Among "comfort" options there are two versions of Burmester hi-end audio system, night vision system and more. Panorama roof with "Magic Sky Control" system which allows to make it completely transparent or blacked out with one push of a button comes standard.

The more impressive style is achieved by ordering the "Edition 1" package, which features both technical options (like ceramic brakes and night vision) and stylistic features, including exclusive designo seats:

Also the Edition 1 package features the upper section of the dashboard, the front and rear center armrests, and the door linings trimmed in nappa leather with contrasting topstitching, and minor elements like aluminum door sill panels with illuminated AMG logo, floor mats and "Edition 1" lettering in several places.

Finally, the virtual instrument cluster of the S63 AMG features two classic dials, with red needles and the speedometer with 330 km/h scale.

5. Modified exterior, more exclusivity outside

In spite of numerous technical features, the exterior changes of the AMG Coupe are traditionally very moderate. These include new bumpers, side skirts, four exhaust tips and the above mentioned ultra light forged 19-20" wheels.

Finally, for those who want even more exclusivity and/or love small well-crafted details, the "Edition 1" package includes headlight with Swarovski crystals. There are 30 crystals in each turn indicator and 17 crystal in the daytime running lights, making in almost 100 crystals in the front end of the car.

Here is how standard S63 AMG headlight look like:

And these are the headlights with Swarovski crystals (the photo shown is of the S500 Coupe):

6. Sport exhaust with adjustable sound

From one side, powerful cars are known to have loud, powerful exhaust sound. But from another side, even the most pleasant sound might be annoying when heard for too long (plus, the Mercedes owners don't always want to make impression of "street racers").

In order to address this dilemma, the S63 AMG features exhaust system with special flaps in the silencers. When driving in "Comfort" mode (which in AMG cars is called "control efficiency" and is set by a switch at the centre console), the flaps remain closed, making the sound more understated.

But when the driver switches to Sport or Manual modes, the exhaust flaps open to provide fuller, more powerful engine sound.

7. Goes on sale in September, probably for about 165 000 euros

The Mercedes S63 AMG will go on sale in Europe in september. Prices are yet to be disclosed, but it'll probably be about 165 000 euros (30% extra compared to stock S500 4Matik)