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The all-new BMW 6-series Convertible

As it was to be expected, the new BMW 6-series looks almost exactly as the concept demonstrated earlier this year. Both coupe and convertible are based on the 5- and 7-series models, sharing the engines and suspensions. But the 6-series has a different, driver-oriented interior, lower roof and is supposed to provide sportier manners.

The new 6-series is also a big car, longer and wider than the previous version. With length of 193 inches, it's actually longer than the previous 5-series, both sedan and wagon.

The 6-series convertible continues to wear a soft top, which is power-folded in 19 seconds and unfolded in 24. It might be not as universal as a hard roof found in 3-series and Mercedes SL/SLK, but is more compact, allows to cover 2 rows of seats and can operate at speed up to 24 mph.

Obviously the new BMW also provides all possible comforts for its passengers, starting from 10-inch center screen, 4 cameras for surround view while parking, lane-departure warning, blind-spot detection, active cruise control, night vision, new 3D head-up display and many more. Keep in mind, though, that a well-equipped German car often costs about 50% more than its base version.

The car will arrive in the spring of 2011, with base price of about $91,500.