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2012 Lexus GS

The new Lexus GS is not just a new model in company's line-up, but the face of new corporate style. The car will hit showrooms next spring and will compete mainly with Mercedes E-class, BMW 5-series, and Audi A6.

The dominant element, indeed, is the new double-trapezoidal front grill, though not as bold as seen on early prototypes. Also the new GS is 2 inches wider, which, combined with generally slimmer style, provides somewhat sportier look.

Driving passion is what Lexus declares the new goal of the GS. Besides standard V6 3.5-liter version (306 hp, 277 lbs-ft and, probably, 0-60 acceleration hopefully about 6 sec), a super powerful GS-F version is scheduled to make its debut at October SEMA tuners show.

A very important news is that four-wheel drive versions will be available from the very beginning, though no details on transmission type have been announced yet.

Of course, a hybrid version will be available, and its specs might be revealed in September at Frankfurt auto show.

Speaking about interior we... can't say anything yet but to show official photos. But Lexus GS has always been among the most comfortable vehicles on market, and the newest version must be even more quite and soft-riding. Among unique interior features is special climate control which regulates air conditioning depending on places where the passengers seat.

A new safety feature is special infrared camera which monitors drivers eyes. When a risk of collision occurs and the system detects the driver looking in wrong direction, a signal alerts the driver earlier than with usual adaptive cruise control, plus the Lexus pre-collision system prepares brakes and other system.

And, of course, a Mark Levinson high-end sound system is still in place, with 835 watts of power, probably keeping Lexus one of the most audiophile cars on market.

Trimming options? Prices? Nothings known for sure yet. But the vehicles will be available at showrooms next February, and the price is expected to remain the same, probably about $48-50 thousand. Also Lexus features long 4-year/50,000 miles warranty.