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Acura NSX, the "Japanese Ferrari" is back!

Japanese automakers got back on supercars track: following Nissan`s GT-R, Toyota`s Lexus LF-A (and partly GT-86), Honda has revealed its superplans. Get ready for 2nd generation of the NSX, the legendary "Japanese Ferrari"!

The original NSX (known as both Acura and Honda) had managed to stay in production for 15 years, till 2005. Since then, there had been nothing comparable in company`s line up. But these times are over: Honda is really looking forward to give battle to Audi`s R8 and, who knows, even elite Italian rockets.

The concept revealed at Detroit auto show has demonstrated not only impressive styling similar to Audi`s R8 and Lamborghini`s Gallardo, but also quite definite technical concept which includes hybrid transmission with dual clutch, four-wheel-drive and "torque vectoring" technology.

Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive with Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control System. You don`t wanna mess with Japanese when it comes to long "special" names for special products, and with the NSX Concept, Honda`s giving it all: a supercar with unique technology must had had a special name.

The key element of the NSX concept is the dual-clutch automatic transmission which has a built-in electric motor, sending torque to the rear wheels. The primary engine is a gasoline V6 placed in the middle of the car, which probably will be making between 300 to 400 horse power.

Another pair of electric motors are placed at the front wheels, providing not only additional torque for acceleration, but the above mentioned "Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control", which means the front wheels can be driven at different speeds, providing additional turning moment. The more common term for the technology is torque vectoring, though Honda`s Sci-fi names definitely look more intriguing.

A very important advantage of the NSX`s transmission is that there is nothing but wire connection between front axis and the mid-mounted engine (compared to two drive shafts of Nissan GT-R), which might good for both weight and its distribution. (the downside of the concept is necessity to place batteries to store the electricity). But its actual efficiency is yet to be tested.

It is said that the reincarnation of the NSX has already been approved Honda`s top management including its CEO Takanobu Ito, who had been in charge for the development of the original NSX.

The project is still far from completion, but if everything goes well, expect the supercar in late 2014 or 2015 with about $100K price sticker, about twice as cheaper than Audi`s R8 and thrice as cheaper than Lexus LF-A.