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Cadillac Ciel concept

The Cadillac Ciel (from French “Sky”, not the Mercedes CL) represents the now-impossible concept of 4-seat, 4-door, 5-meter-long cabriolet with Rolls-Royce-style rear doors.

Since automobile world hasn`t seen anything like this for about 30 years, its quite natural that the Ciel has become one of the biggest stars of Concours d'elegance Pebble Beach weekend.

Artistically sculptured body, narrow vertical LED headlights and taillights… Cadillac calls this style “Art & Science”, and it does look quite artistic and modern.

By the way, last year journalists have caught images of a “2013 Escalade” at the walls of GM`s Design Center during an event. Later Cadillac managers said that those were just abstract sketches, but… maybe not that abstract after all.

The Ciel`s interior is expectedly rich, filled with natural wood, leather and metal, and – who knows? – maybe next top-Cadillac will feature similar occupation for passengers.

Also among features are touch-screen climate control panels at each door, adjusting not only traditional ventilation, but also the headrest-deployed blankets warming and cooling passengers while the roof is down (similar to Mercedes` Air Scarf climate technology).

The driver of the Ciel shouldn`t be disappointed as well, since its 4-wheel drive chassis with turbocharged 3.6 liter V6 engine , electric motor and Li-Ion batteries makes 425 hp and 430 lb-ft (close to the current Escalade, but, evidently, about twice as moe fuel efficient).

No exact plans for Ciel`s production announced, and probably it won`t be a question for a while anyway. But probably we can see similar style in the next flagship Cadillac sedan and the new 2013 Escalade. Then maybe a large cabrio might get a chance as well…