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Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept: "the micro premium future"

Last year there the Cadillac Converj concept was revealed, based on Chevrolet Volt hybrid. Now the Urban Luxury concept demonstrated how even a smaller (just 151 inches long) car might look like.

Bold, unorthodox style is what the Urban Luxury Concept is all about. Being smaller that a Volkswagen Golf, the Cadillac`s concept is equipped with huge Lambo-style swing-up doors and sci-fi-movie exterior. Inside, there probably one of the most artistic interiors in the industry, not to mention it could be the most bold interior of all Cadillacs.

Speaking about the powertrain, though, there`s very trendy European combination of a small 1-liter turboengine matched up with a dual-clutch transmission which provide claimed 56-65 mpg fuel economy. No plans for production of the Concept have been announced, but looks like a Cadillac of similar size and style might be added to the brand`s line-up in upcoming years.