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Mansory reveals it`s customized Porsche Panamera Turbo

Speaking about the Porsche Panamera, one should understand that's its actually quite unique vehicle by itself. With 500-hp engine and all-wheel-drive, it catapults to 60 mph km/h in only 4.0 seconds, is capable to reach 188 mph, and all this with 4 individual seats and Bentley-quality interior.

Moreover, the Panamera is officially the fastest production 4-door car on racing tracks, holding the appropriate Nurburgring record of 7 minutes and 56 seconds (the nearest competitor is the Cadillac CTS-V, with 7:59 seconds result).

By the way, these results are close to ones of the Corvette C5 Z06, the Ferrari F430, the Nissan GT-R, and the Panamera Turbo is faster than the Dodge Viper SRT-10, the Audi R8, the Porsche Boxter S and many other "real" sport cars.

And with base price over $130,000 (which easily reaches $180,000 for a well-equipped version), it`s not a mass vehicle at all. So is there actually room for even more exclusivity? The Mansory tunes say yes...

First of all, the Mansory`s Panamera Turbo is more powerful: 690 hp (+190 hp improvement over the stock). The peak torque is 590 lb-ft (74 lb-ft better than in the standard Panamera Turbo, though it`s actually the same as in the factory Panamera Turbo with factory-installed SportChrono Package).

As a result, Mansory promises:

- 203.8 mph top speed (compared to 188 mph for the stock)

- 0-62 mph acceleration on 4.0 seconds (compared to 4.2 sec).

Secondly - and that is actually what Mansory are especially keen on, and what buyers love Mansory for - the exterior of the Panamera is heavily modified, with new massive bumpers, low side skirts, widened wheel arches, carbon hood (which, traditionally for Mansory, remains unpainted) and, of course, huge 22-inch wheels.

Thirdly - and that`s where you`ll unmistakably know this is no ordinary Panamera - it`s the totally customized interior, with every detail covered with exclusive leather, wood, carbon or painted in accordance with the client`s taste (or craziness).

No prices have been announced, but for total customization, one should probably expect about $100.000 extra over the price of the Panamera Turbo itself, or $230-300 grand total.