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Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4² Concept: extreme off-roader

Here are the details on the ultimate Mercedes SUV:

1) 18-inch ground clearance thanks to portal axles

The G500 4x4² concept uses the same portal axles from the military- and 6x6 versions of the G-class. Thanks to the gears in the hubs which allow the axle to sit higher than the wheel centers, it provides extremely high ground clearance between the wheels.

This G-wagen probably will never touch a single obstacle with its bottom while driving off-road.

2) 11-inches-wider track (almost 70 inches wide)

The 4x4² concept`s axles are not only higher but also much wider, increasing overall vehicles`s width to almost 83 inches, providing better stability both on- and off-road.

This will help not to roll over when going in fast turns on roads, and also when driving off-road with high-angle side tilt.

3) 37" tires

Part of the huge ground clearance is provided by the G500 4x4²`s 37-inch tires, usually featured only at special competition off-road vehicles.

Two options will be available, 325/55 R22 [relatively] road tires and 18-inch off-road tires with beadlock wheels

4) ability to ford water almost 40 inches deep

The G500 4x4² can ford water about 40 inches deep (compared to about 23.5 inches at stock G500).

Of course, those who really want to drive in very deep water can also install a snorkel to increase fording depth to over 80 inches, but the good news is that 4x4²`s chassis doesn`t need additional protection for driving in deep water.

5) adjustable tire preasure and beadlock wheels for extreme off-road

The optional 18-inch off-road tires come with beadlock wheels which can operate with extremely deflated tires without tire slipping off the wheel (off-roading on low-pressure tires helps to drive through sands, snow and other soft soil).

The tire pressure can be adjusted from cabin, giving opportunity to deflate tires before off-roading at soft soil, sand or snow, and then quickly re-inflate before returning to roads.

6) electronically controlled dampers with comfort- and sport modes

The suspension of the G500 4x4² is absolutely new compared to the stock G500. Besides portal axles, it features double spring-damper struts to withstand driving on rough terrain.

Of two springs on each wheel, one works with a conventional damper with fixed damping characteristics, and the second one is combined with electronically controlled shocks with variable damping.

The driver can choose between SPORT and COMFORT modes with a button in the center console.

7) it accelerates to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, and reaches 130 mph top speed

The G500 4x4² features the standard 416-hp, 4-liter twin-turbo engine, compared to the AMG 6x6`s version equipped with 5.5-liter, 536 hp AMG engine. But thanks to over 1-ton less weight (6250 lbs against 8500), the G500 is significally faster and can reach 130 mph top speed.

It also features sports-car acceleration, taking less than 6 seconds to reach 60 mph.

8) new exterior: carbon wheel arches almost 10 inches wider, LED light strips above the windshield, G63/65 AMG front bumper and exhaust tips

Obviously the ultimate Mercedes SUV is very high (89 inches tall), but also it`s very wide, with extra-large carbon wheel arch extenders (increasing the vehicle`s width by full 10").

Another visual features include AMG G63/65 front bumper and exhaust tips and the cover with the built-in LED light strips above the windshield, borrowed from the 6x6 pickup.

Another small difference is that there are no spare wheel on the back door.

9) And still it`s a Mercedes with luxurious interior

Not that it wasn`t obvious, but if the G500 4x4² will make it to production, it will probably include all the hi-class features of Mercedes/AMG interiors.

The Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4² concept is almost ready for production, and if Daimler gives the project green light, it extreme G500s might hit showrooms this autumn costing around $200,000 (2.5 times cheaper than the 6x6 AMG).