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2018 Can-Am Spyder line-up

Time goes fast: though most people still look at the Spyder as a revolutionary way of transportation, it`s actually been 10 years since its debut, and over 100,000 units have been sold already.

For 2018 line-up, BRP offers the following news...

1. Fully digital gauge with twin 4.3" displays

No need to mount and unmount navigation devices and smartphones: now everything is available in the stock, fully-digital Spyder dashboard (excluding the sportier and less expensive F3 and F3-S modifications with traditional speedometers).

Consisting of two 4.3” screens, the new dashboard can display classic dashboard on one half, and any app like navigation, music player or something else on the other half.

It has been announced that even third-party apps adopted for the Spyder will be available (and we are going to evaluate possibility of porting our app to Can Am Spyder as well)!

For now, though, just four apps are available:

- Genius Maps navigation

- Music player with available smartphone connectivity via BlueTooth

- AccuWeather

- Rever, which allows to connect with friends and share trips and locations

In order to use the apps without taking hands off the handlebars, a joystick control is mounted near the left handgrip.

2. Three basic choices: sport, sport-touring and touring models

Though all the models are equipped with the same, latest 3-cylinder, 1.3-liter engine, one must understand that they provide totally different riding experience.

The choice of the Spyder model depends on three factors: ride length, weather you take a passenger and lots of cargo, and your favorite seating position (chopper-style or road bike - style).

1) The sport model: F3-S

The F3-S is one of the cheapest Spyder models, but it`s as powerful as others:

- 115 hp / 96 lb-ft,

- about 4.5 seconds to 60 mph and

- 115 mph top speed.

And it`s the only one equipped with the “sport mode” traction control which allows slight drifting. And it comes standard with stiffer Fox Podium performance shocks.

This model is the most fun to drive without passenger and on short, aggressive trips, especially if you like tough corners. Still, the F3-S features cruise control for more comfort on highways

There is also cheaper, basic F3 model, with slightly detuned engine program (106 hp with the same 96 lb-ft of torque).

Both modifications are intended for riding mostly alone, since the rear suspension is not adjustable (though the adjustable one can be ordered), and the rear seat doesn`t provide any comfort (though this can be fixed as well). And these modes don`t provide the above mentioned digital dashboard, which is intended mostly for long trips anyway.

The prices are as follows:

F3-S: about $21,500 - 22,800 (with manual/ semi automatic transmission),

F3: about $18,000 (with semi automatic coming standard)

2) The sport-touring models: F3-T, F3 Limited

For those who like to take longer trips keeping the F3`s agility, there come the F3-T and F3 Limited models.

They bring the following upgrades:

- integrated audio system (4 speakers on F3-T and 6 speakers on F3 Limited)

- integrated windshield

- integrate console with glovebox and audio inputs

- hard-case saddlebags

- softer suspension

- adjustable rear shocks with preload adjustments (manual on F3-T and automatic on Limited)

- the above-mentioned twin 4.3-inch full-color LCD dashboard

- both feature semi-automatic transmission as standard (no need to release clutch and push the gear shifter, just press +/- buttons on the left handle)

The F3-T model doesn`t have top case with integrated passenger`s backrest, has leaner, "bagger" look and is intended for those who mostly travel alone:

...and the F3 Limited, intended for riding with a friend, provides extra comfort for two:

- the above mentioned top case with integrated passengers backrest

- 6-speaker audio system

- floorboards

- heated handgrips

- and the top case is big enough for two helmets:)

- automatic self-leveling rear air suspension is also standard

Prices are as follows:

- Spyder F3-T: about $26,000

- Spyder F3 Limited: about $28,500

3. RT and RT Limited: the ultimate touring machine

All in all, the F3 Limited might look like a perfect model to travel together. But if travelling is your biggest goal, check the RT model as well...

The RT is the only model that has remained in production since the debut of the original Spyder in 2008, and there is a great reason for that: it`s very, very comfortable on highways.

This model is not as sporty as the F3 or now-out-of-production RS/GS. The rider seats higher (31.1" above the ground against 26.6" on the F3), and the vehicle itself is heavier. But the passenger enjoys the ride in the ultra-comfortable seat (really, try it and you wouldn`t want to get out), and the driver is also very relaxed in a unique way.

Of course, since its debut the RT model has received multiple upgrades, including the new 1.3 liter engine and electronics.

All the handles and seats are heated (including the passenger`s ones). Premium 6-speaker audio system and the new-for-2018 digital twin-screen dashboard are standard, too.

But what is really unique about RT is not the equipment, but the way you seat and the way it rides, especially on straight roads: you just have to check it.

The RT Limited is not hugely different from the base RT: it only features , automatic self-leveling rear suspension, fog- and accent lights, driver floorboards, and a light and liner for the front cargo area. All this is available for the standard RT, too.

The base RT is even a bit cheaper than F3-T: $25,600 with semi-automatic and even less with manual transmission.

The price for the RT Limited is very close to the F3 Limited, too: $29,300.

Which one suits you best? Better test-drive at least one F3 and one RT models yourself, but the general rule sound like this:

- short, aggressive driving along: F3-S

- short trips and highway trips along: F3-T

- short trips along and highway trips together: F3 Limited

- highway trips together: RT

Bye-bye, RS

One might notice and ask, "where is the RS model, the one that has been in production since 2008 and has always been the "core" Spyder model?"

The answer is: the production of the RS (GS as it was named in the first year) has been stopped.

This role of the "performance" model now belongs to the F3-S/T modifications: the F3 provides more power (the RS was equipped with 1-liter, 100-hp V2 engine against the F3`s 1.3-liter, 115-hp engine), even lower seating (26.6" against RS`s 29") and better traction (thanks to the fact that the pilot seats close to the rear wheel).

But if you`re really eager to have an RS model, there are still few units at some dealers available.